iFuzion was formed to inspire creative thinking and to give the consumer the power to manufacture products designed to their own specifications without the constraints of traditional manufacturing processes. iFuzion believes that the only limitation for manufacturing is the imagination, using 3D printing technology.

iFuzion LLC

Design your own case by choosing the height and width of the bend you want. By changing those two criteria, you can see on the left the design moving. Don’t forget to add your personal text on it, except if your name is Lucius!
You can now choose a specific multicolor background that will be added on your 3Dprinted case! You can pick up in our library or upload your own photo.

  1. Choose the height
  2. Choose the width
  3. Add your personal text
  4. Choose your color
  5. 3D Print it!

Curve parameters

Type your text

To ensure strongness of your case, the text is limited to 12 characters.

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