If you’re looking for a crazy French team, that's us!

We are engineers and also founders of 3DPCase. Our life is divided between Paris and the Pyrenees, 8 children, 18 bikes, 1 monocycle, 2 horses, thousands of hours working on putting the world rights and equally as many hours at working on changing it.

Our aim is to replace everything that's complicated by fun and simple things, that’s what we’re all about. A bit like your iPhone, it's really hard to make but so intuitive to use.

The whole team of 3DPCase got together and conceived an amazing machine which enables you to make your own iPhone case, which fits according to your creative urge, your impulsions... We put all our ideas together and we called it: 3DPCase (which stands for 3D printed case).

We decided that we want to empower you to be VERY creative on 10cm3 of plastic with the 65 cm3 of technology you are holding within your fingertips. Have you ever thought that your phone could also be a 3D drawing tool ?

We built a serious project which makes things which aren't meant to be taken seriously. We believe in funny and smart objects.

Our adventures...

The transition from the first idea to the final result is always a big deal!
We worked with designers who prepared the foundations.
We made the personalization tools of our dreams, then an application, a website and we printed hundreds of tests.
We made mistakes, we started again, some nights we believed in it more and the next day we believed in it even more than that!

We went through ALL possible solutions (yes, we said ALL), even the craziest ones in order to offer you customized cases which are out of the ordinary.

Until we faced the facts. 3D Printing enables us to offer you the best results!

Your turn to play!

Now the ball is in your court.

It's your turn to make your own mix, engrave some text or logos, crop, cut out, distort, thicken as you like. You will see, this is very simple, and if you get lost, just follow the little instructions. Then let the magic happen! Your 3D model comes to life before your very own eyes in less than a minute, and your case arrives at your home within just a few days.

We take special care when we make your case. It is born in a little French village, where it can breathe fresh air from the mountains before it arrives at your place. More seriously, your 3DPCase is 3D printed and takes advantage of all of Sculpteo's know-how, our cloud 3D printing engine. Your model is printed layer by layer then finalized with top-secret technology.

Tell us which model you prefer, and post your ultimate 3DPCase on our Facebook page. Every Friday, we reward the best design of the week!

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