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Free on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. IOS 5.0 or later.

Discover 5 featured designs to create with the Case Builder tools. Take pictures of your friends, design with your fingertips, create one-of-a-kind cases, buy and 3D print your objects. Adopt the 3DPCase application to make funny intelligent custom cases.

Discover 5 funny intelligent
templates for your case…

Bubbles, Geography, Free Hand, Curves and Speaker are 5 creative templates to design your unique iPhone case in 3D with your favorite device. Touchscreen, pictures, sliders… in less than 2 minutes, you're becoming a fingertips-designer. It's never been so easy to create your custom iPhone case in 3D!

… and make 3D cases your own

Take the most of 3D design, Apple touchscreen and Sculpteo 3D printing technologies to create your own collection.

Find inspiration and Share your
Personal Collection

Browse the Gallery to get inspired by other creations. You can even buy and share them. All your amazing custom cases are saved into ‘Your Cases’ section. Show to your friends your creative capabilities on most social networks!